Yellow =)

Yellow is my favorite color. I don’t like to wear it that often and I don’t like it used in furniture or decorating but it is my favorite color. Why? Because it makes me happy! Yellow makes me think of sunshine and sunshine makes me think of happiness. When I see the bright yellow that I love, I think of smiles and laughter. Yellow is there to represent the fun times you have with your friends or the laughter with your family over some silly little joke. To me the times in life that you are the happiest are the moments of yellow. That is why I like the color yellow.

Don’t try and tell me that you did not smile when you saw these pictures!

3 thoughts on “Yellow =)

  1. Cute pictures! They did make me smile! 🙂 I like the color yellow, but my favorite is purple. Like you, I don’t use purple for decorating. My dream room would be brown, blue, and green!

  2. Oh I love yellow too! It’s warm and cozy. The sight of it reminds me of the summer sunshine and all the goodness it brings. I don’t believe that it symbolizes cowardice, not a bit!

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